Robert Aston (rjaphoto)

Sometimes it is the texture,
Sometimes the contrast,
Sometimes it is the beauty,
And sometimes, it is all of the above.

But sometimes, it is "E..." none of the above.

Photography is a dynamic art,
Dynamic in vision: An illusive mistress.


SF Open Studios 2012 brought moderate attendace for me, this year. There was the unveiling of a new greeting card style, and the affordable framed 4x6 digital print series. Both were very popular.

By the way, at the Open Studios 2011 Exhibition, "Kennecott Sundog," won a "2011 Juror's Choice Award." You can see the photograph on page 2 in the "Alaska & Canada" Gallery of tis website.

Hope to see you soon,





Born in San Francisco, California, in 1954, virtually since infancy, I have been involved actively, or experientially, in some form of art.

From my early days in and around the Beat Culture havens, of San Francisco's famed North Beach (it was a second home); as a young student at the old San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, working in many diverse media, including drawing directly on 16mm film; through my time spent time living in China, the UK, Hawaii, and St. Kitts; experiencing all they had to offer -- the artistic world has been a cloak about me, either in the doing, or the appreciation.

Whether rescuing/rehabbing wildlife, teaching Marine Biology on tropical beaches, pursuing an acting career in the zaniness of New York and L.A., or in the insanity under the lights and sirens of life as a big city paramedic, my interest in the photography only increased.

As a self-taught photographer, I have chosen to work primarily in Black & White. My goal is making photographs with a purity: no cropping, no undue manipulation, just the perfect picture. For the most part, my pictures are printed full frame, so as to keep true and honest, to the original composition.

As a traditionalist, I shoot only film, preferring its quality and texture, over digital. My subjects tend to be mountains, or animals, with whatever interesting is in-between.

All of my current photographs are made with either, a Nikon FE and Pentax LE 35mm., a Pentax 67II [6x7] medium format (which replaced a Mamiya 645 1000s [6x4.5] medium format), or a Horseman 45FA [4x5] large format, field camera - definitely a far cry from my childhood Kodak Box Camera.